• Your Permanent Solution

    Your Permanent Solution

    Results Staffing is Your Permanent Solution To Temporary Staffing. Call us today For The Results You Demand.
  • General Labor, Skilled Labor and Construction Final Cleans

    General Labor, Skilled Labor and Construction Final Cleans

    We Offer General Labor, Skilled Labor and Construction Final Cleans. No matter how big or small we can help with all your project needs.
  • Time Is Money

    Time Is Money

    That's why when you need a position filled we can have a fully insured person to your site that is ready, willing and able to work for you.
  • We’re Working for You

    We’re Working for You

    Seasoned staffing professionals are standing by ready to help with all your Temporary Staffing needs.
  • You Need Flexibility

    You Need Flexibility

    Results Staffing provides you with the flexibility when you need it most. We will dispatch workers to your site as early or as late as you need them.
  • Dependable and Reliable

    Dependable and Reliable

    Results Staffing guarantees your complete satisfaction. If an employee does not meet your requirements, notify us within 2 hours of their start time and we will waive the fee.
  • The Right Match

    The Right Match

    With more than 25 years of experience in the staffing industry we've learned how to match qualified candidates to the right job and the right client.
  • Safely and On Time

    Safely and On Time

    You can be confident that your project gets the attention it deserves to get completed safely and on time.

For The Results You Demand

  1. Businesses: Exploring Customized Workforce Solutions
    After 25 years of working around the top Temporary Staffing Agencies, what have we learned? We’ve learned that even the biggest, strongest companies face a fluctuation in their business needs for labor. Results Staffing wants to put you at ease by giving you options when you need them. We’ve learned that a Temporary Staffing Agency should be service oriented. The paradigm that staffing professionals live and breathe day in and day out is service. We’ve learned the importance of managing our customers’ expectations. That communication is paramount in the business world. Results Staffing is committed to building strong lines of communication with our customers. We’re so committed that we provide you with one point of contact for all your staffing agency needs. You’ll even be able to reach one of our seasoned professionals 24 hours a day 7 days a week through our on call phone. We are confident that we can provide you with a customized workforce solution to improve productivity and agility in your business. We guarantee it. Trust Results Staffing to add quality temporary personnel to your team as you need them with the quality and dependability you will receive only from us. After all we’re working for you!
  2. Job Seekers: Finding Your Potential
    Results Staffing knows what it’s like to look for a job. Whether you’re in between jobs, just entering the workforce, or just looking to start over and get another type of field experience, give us a call. We have all types of work and positions available today. All Results Staffing agencies recruit reliable, dependable talent with all skill levels ranging from basic to skilled tradesmen. Qualified candidates are matched to the right job and the right client. If a client wants to hire you, we let them with no fee to you! We are dedicated to helping you find your potential through employee development and recognition programs, certifications, on the job training, and safety courses available the day you apply. Working at Results Staffing is a cut above the rest. We treat you with the candor and respect you deserve! See what’s available here.

Results Staffing: Your Permanent Solution to Temporary Staffing

  1. Who We Are
    Results Staffing is a company filled with committed and passionate staffing professionals who provide businesses with workforce solutions to help them improve their productivity and meet project deadlines. Our doors opened in 2001 with one office located in Dallas, Texas, specializing in temporary general labor in the construction, warehouse and light industrial industries. Today you can find us in the Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston areas. With multiple locations and four specialized divisions in general labor, skilled labor, final clean, and schools, we’ve customized and developed a business design to help companies and job seekers when they need it most. We’ve learned that communication is paramount in the business world and we are dedicated to building strong lines of communication with our customers and qualified talent. Results Staffing is a sensible company who has devoted its existence to customer service and job seekers alike. 
  2. Our Guiding Principles
    For Results Staffing this is the way we think, plan, and manage. They are the components of a Total Quality Management approach, a framework in which we build all the activities that take place in our company. These components are the foundation of how we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.
  3. Vision
    To be the industry leader in Texas where the best people want to work to provide reliable workforce solutions for businesses.
  4. Purpose
    Providing businesses with a flexible workforce sustained by people within our communities seeking hope, support and opportunities to work.
  5. Values


    • Dependable work ethic
    • Open and honest in our services
    • Firm, fair and consistent



    • An obligation without compromise
    • Speak up and stop unsafe work
    • Keep it super safe



    • Personable- be someone that you like
    • Service before self interest
    • Resolve conflict with a high sense of urgency



    • Passionately engage with people around you
    • Promote and develop growth
    • Consistently open and approachable
  6. Promises Kept, Loyalty Earned
    Because we thrive on your loyalty we promise to over deliver on your expectations and continuously improve our services to accommodate the constant evolution of temporary staffing needs.



Dallas is a city on the move. Results Staffing is proud to be a part of it. Companies from all over the metro Dallas area rely on us to help them with their temporary staffing needs. No matter where your project is in Dallas, we can help.



This vibrant community enjoys many special and seasonal events; And Results Staffing is right there to help with their temporary staffing needs. From summer help around Six Flags to more staff to handle the crowds at Cowboys games, we’re there.



The biggest city in Texas was built on big dreams. “Space City” is still growing, and Results Staffing is right there to help. We serve customers all across the area. They all know that when they need temporary staff, we are the agency to call.



Fort Worth is no longer Dallas’ little sister. This vibrant city has a rich heritage and a booming work force. Many of America’s top companies have distribution facilities here and we are proud to be one of their key resources for temporary staffing solutions.

Your Permanent Solution to Temporary Staffing

Results Staffing is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We celebrate diversity in the workplace and strive to help all associates reach their full potential. Whether you are a job seeker or employer, contact us today for the results you demand.

For The Results You Demand
For The Results You Demand

For the Results You Demand, Results Staffing is Your Permanent Solution to Temporary Staffing. read more →

You Need Results
You Need Results

We are committed to the success of our clients. Review our site and determine for yourself that Results Staffing is Your Permanent Solution to Temporary Staffing. read more →

Employees Love Results Staffing
Employees Love Results Staffing

Whether you want to pick up some extra hours or you want to find your best opportunity, join Results Staffing today. read more →