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As the temperatures are dropping, we have to be cautious when working outside for extended periods of time. Practicing safety strategies will help increase your comfort and safety when out on the field! Avoid Drinking Coffee: Most people lean towards coffee to stay warm. According to the Commercial Industrial Supply, it states that the caffeine.. read more →

More often than not, we find ourselves juggling several tasks at a time. It’s under your discretion to know when to transition to your next tasks, also while giving yourself enough time to complete everything. For some this is a natural ability, however for others it’s something that is learned with practice. As humans, we.. read more →

Having proper lifting technique is extremely important for your safety! Improperly lifting heavy objects can potentially lead to a serious back injury. Overexertion is a common injury in the work field, commonly resulting in injuries. Practicing safety in the workplace is the best way to prevent any potential accidents!   SOURCES: :, Oriana.. read more →

Carpentry Safety Tips Carpenters are an asset to the construction industry. From constructing frameworks and structures to installing things such as kitchen cabinets, they create the skeleton of what’s to come. According to OSHA statistics, over twenty five thousand non-fatal injuries were recorded from wood product manufacturing in 2014. It’s important to make yourself aware.. read more →

There is just so much construction going on in the state of Texas alone, not including the rest of the country or even the world! It’s important to know what can be recycled and follow the steps correctly. The tips below will help you differ the types of waste that can be recycled. What to.. read more →

Challenges in the Warehouse So, how do the warehouse managers deal with a diverse workforce? They usually have to face a lot of challenges in the workplace regarding language barriers, diverse backgrounds and new workers. It’s important to be an understanding, collaborative manager as well as a good leader. Heavy turnover and the need to.. read more →

Safety is crucial in the workplace for you and those around you. Teamwork and safety go hand-in-hand while on a job-site. It is important to educate yourself of statistics, especially when it comes to warehouse safety. Precautionary steps can be taken to reduce and prevent most injuries, it just takes you! SOURCES: Oriana.. read more →

5 New Trends in the Construction Industry There are always new trends coming out. Whether it’s the latest diet craze or the newest app for our smart phones. In construction industry, we have a few that are due to the economy being on the rise. Value is still on people’s minds and people are always.. read more →

Four Major Must-Haves in Construction  This might be a redundant thing to say but it is crucial in the construction industry and you have to be extra careful. There are certain things you should always have on you in order to prevent any injuries. Here they are listed below: Hard Hats – This object is.. read more →

Know Your Surroundings While on the job site, it is extremely important to be aware of your surroundings. If a worker is not paying attention to what’s happening behind him/her, they can potentially be burned, shocked or even worse critically injured! You should always have a plan on where your designated area will be, and.. read more →