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Summer is here and the hot months are all just ahead. Most blue collar workers are familiar with working in the heat but it is always good to reiterate to ensure good habits and safer work environments. Knowing the importance of safety and being aware of dangers that come with being out in the heat.. read more →

  5 Simple Tips for Operating a Forklift When operating a forklift you must follow all rules and regulations. This is the key to safety. By following these five simple guidelines, you can prevent injuries or workplace mishaps. Must be certified. In order to operate a forklift you must be certified. Without certification, there is.. read more →

HOW TO ACE YOUR JOB INTERVIEW IN THE CONSTRUCTION FIELD! It can be somewhat stressful searching for a job and the construction industry is no exception. The number one reason why workers are unsuccessful in job interviews are because they are almost always under prepared. With that being said the first goal to have prior.. read more →

Safety Vests are a crucial tool of safety in the Construction and Warehouse Industries. Vests are one of the many aspects that ensure your safety while going to work every day! By increasing your knowledge on safety vests, it will really shine through with a whole new appreciation for PPE. Safety vests have a number.. read more →

There is no shortage of heavy machine equipment on construction sites and inside warehouses. It’s crucial to know how to keep yourself and others around you safe around heavy equipment. Knowing what your limits are and what the guidelines of the job at hand are essential to be successful.  By following these tips, it could.. read more →

Safety is extremely important, especially in the blue collared industry. Potential is everywhere, it’s up to you to prevent it from becoming an issue. Here’s 5 easy tips to help you stay safe while working at a warehouse! Wear the correct PPE: Wherever the job may take you, you want to ensure you’re wearing the.. read more →

Beat the Heat In Texas, according to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the temperature averages around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas, Louisiana and Florida are the top three hottest states in the summer and we need to beat the heat! In this industry, you spend the majority of your work day working under the sun.. read more →

Stay Safe during Inclement Weather It seems like Texas has been  bombarded with heavy rain and flooding this season, specifically in the south east region. While this might’ve affected you before, after or even during work, you need to know what you can do to ensure your safety on and off the job-site. First and.. read more →

Let’s say you start a job that is paying well and you want to work there again the next day, but will you get the repeat? Were you taking a nap around the corner, texting on your cell phone, did you arrive to work unprepared, or maybe not giving your full effort? These are some.. read more →

Hard hats are a necessity in most industrial work fields, they ensure your safety and well-being in various ways. Without hard hats you risk serious physical damage to your head, and could possibly result in fatality. You want to prevent worst case scenarios in every possible way, and to start you need to take safety.. read more →