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Thank you so much for visiting our site. You have often heard us say that we want to be “Your Permanent Solution To Temporary Staffing”. Well, we really mean it. One of the small ways that we strive to be your go-to company for temporary employees is to keep you updated on our news and other information that you may find beneficial. We will not be posting or “blogging” on a set, regularly scheduled basis. Rather, we will post updates when we have valuable information to share. If you have any issues you would like us to explore or comment on, please let us know. From time to time, we will also post articles from outside reliable business sources and online publications.

Beat the Heat In Texas, according to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, the temperature averages around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Texas, Louisiana and Florida are the top three hottest states in the summer and we need to beat the heat! In this industry, you spend the majority of your work day working under the sun.. read more →

Stay Safe during Inclement Weather It seems like Texas has been  bombarded with heavy rain and flooding this season, specifically in the south east region. While this might’ve affected you before, after or even during work, you need to know what you can do to ensure your safety on and off the job-site. First and.. read more →

Let’s say you start a job that is paying well and you want to work there again the next day, but will you get the repeat? Were you taking a nap around the corner, texting on your cell phone, did you arrive to work unprepared, or maybe not giving your full effort? These are some.. read more →

Hard hats are a necessity in most industrial work fields, they ensure your safety and well-being in various ways. Without hard hats you risk serious physical damage to your head, and could possibly result in fatality. You want to prevent worst case scenarios in every possible way, and to start you need to take safety.. read more →

Top 3 Ways to Make a Good Impression First impressions stamp you, it is key to make sure you leave a good one. People will judge you as soon as they meet you, and that opinion they have of you will most likely never change. You want to be sure that you’re putting your best.. read more →

At Results Staffing, temporary employee safety is a top priority. We are committed to ensuring the safety of our General Labor and Skilled labor workforce and we are actively working on ensuring high quality safety standards. In an interview with Kharen Davis, Safety Coordinator at Results Staffing, she explains common safety concerns and solutions here.. read more →

Here are 10 quick tips for operating a forklift effectively. Although these tips are simple and basic, they are a good starting point to support workplace health and safety guidelines. We hope that you find them useful: Operators must be qualified Forklifts should only be operated by trained individuals equipped with a license to operate.. read more →

Although it is still technically winter, summer will be here sooner than you think. Since we are experiencing unpredictable weather all across the country, discussing summer safety tips now is valuable because we may find ourselves in extreme heat in as little as the next couple of months. This is especially true since we are.. read more →

Most people prefer to work around positive attitudes. Having a positive attitude at work can help you succeed. It can help you get promotions, succeed on projects, meet goals and improve your overall wellbeing. However, maintaining a positive attitude at work is not always easy especially if you don’t love your job. Here are 7 tips.. read more →

At any time of year, there are many safety hazards in construction sites. While keeping workers safe is always a priority for most temporary staffing agencies, how they keep workers safe depends on the season. In the summer, staffing agencies ensure worker protection from extreme heat. During winter, employers protect workers from extreme cold including.. read more →