• He’s Got A Big Job

    He’s Got A Big Job

    Luckily Results Staffing Is Up To The Challenge. Staffing When You Need it.
  • She Relies On Results Staffing

    She Relies On Results Staffing

    We Work Hard To Save Her Time, Money and Aggravation. On-Demand Employees Whenever She Needs Them.
  • You’ve Got A Job To Do.

    You’ve Got A Job To Do.

    Results Staffing Has The Team To Help Get It Done. Your Permanent Solution To Temporary Staffing.
  • He Tracks A Lot Of Moving Pieces.

    He Tracks A Lot Of Moving Pieces.

    He Can Always Rely On Results Staffing To Be There When He Needs Them.



We want to make our process as easy as possible for you. After all, we’re working for you!

  1. You Request Needed Employees.
    As you need them, order them. Simply call your Account Manager or local office and place an order. For your convenience we have someone waiting to take your call 24/7. You tell us who, what, when and where. Our staffing professionals can figure out the rest.
  2. We Recruit.
    We exhaust all efforts recruiting day in and day out to get you the best qualified candidates available.
  3. We Screen And Evaluate.
    All potential candidates are given background checks, screened and evaluated at your request to make sure they are the right fit for the job. We will bend over backwards to make sure they are in compliance with all of your requirements and are competent in the skill set you need!
  4. We Drug Test.
    We will drug test all potential candidates at your request.
  5. We Interview And Check References.
    We save you time by interviewing and checking references at your request before they get to you. We want to make your job easier by saving you the hassle of wading through resumes or phone calls to ensure the quality personnel you deserve.
  6. We Pay General Liability Insurance.
    We pay general liability insurance as their employer so you don’t have to. We are fully insured and take this burden off your back by having them on our payroll..
  7. We Pay Workers Compensation.
    We handle all employee related unemployment and workers compensation claims. We ensure that all of our employees are trained and practicing work safety procedures that are designed to reduce injuries on the job. We strive to eliminate the headaches associated with worker’s comp claims. All the help you receive is fully covered by us! .
  8. We Pay Social Security And Federal Employment Tax.
    As their employer we pay social security and federal employment taxes for all temporary help by making the proper deposits as required by state and federal laws.
  9. We Guarantee.
    We guarantee your complete satisfaction. If an employee does not meet your requirements, notify us within 2 hours of their start time and we will waive that time, and promptly send you a replacement.
  10. We Invoice Weekly.
    We generate invoices weekly and send them to you via postal, electronic mail, or fax. You can also check your invoices online!
  11. You Pay Weekly Invoice.
    All you have to do is pay your invoice by check or credit card online, by mail or phone. All invoices are due upon receipt.