Nancy Johnson- Account Manager


Nancy Johnson | Account Manager

If you are in the Dallas region area, then I’m sure you have heard of our one-of-a-kind Account Manager, Nancy Johnson. Although Nancy was born in New York, she has lived all over the country but considers Dallas her home. Nancy has been a member of the Results Staffing team for over 3 years and is well known for her customer service, communication, honesty, and fearlessness. This explains her knack for calming others down when they’re upset. Nancy’s customers say that her ability to handle their problems puts them at ease because she is very dependable. Her passion for building customer confidence, not just professionally, but also as an individual really makes them feel cared for. Not only is Nancy known for being kind and there for her customers, but she is also extremely hard-working. The only complaint anyone working with her could have is that she never stops-not even for bathroom breaks! Nancy enjoys her family and busting moves. When she isn’t working, you can find her tearing up the dance floor.