Power Tool Safety

Power tool injuries account for as many as 400,000 emergency rooms visits each year. Many of these visits can be prevented by educating people of the proper ways to work with them. When these simple tips are applied, you can significantly reduce the chance of an accident.

  1. Regularly Inspect Tools
    Always be sure to inspect your tools before powering them on. You may need to perform maintenance, such as grinding or sharpening. Check for any damages on the tools, and report damages to your supervisor.
  2. Dress the Part
    Avoid wearing loose clothing or dangling jewelry, these post as a hazard to get caught in the tool’s moving parts. Appropriate PPE is always required on the jobsite, but consider wearing safety glasses or gloves.
  3. Keep Cords Away
    When working with electric power tools, you want to be particularly careful around the cords. Keep the floors dry and clean to avoid slipping and electrocution hazards. Do not use electric tools in wet conditions unless they are permitted for that use. Last but not least, never carry a tool by its cord!

SOURCE: https://learnatvivid.com/courses/osha/hand-and-power-tools

Oriana Olivo

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