Sanitation Engineer Safety

Have you ever thought about the people keeping your neighborhood sanitary? Without sanitation engineers, our streets and communities would be filthy. While it may be a common site, sanitation engineers are underrated for all they do for us! Survey finds that nearly two-thirds of Americans won’t slow down around garbage trucks.  As people of the community, we need to ensure their safety!

  1. Wear the Proper PPE. In the sanitation industry it’s unlikely to know what material you’ll be handling from one hour to the next. One things for sure:  you should always wear your proper personal protective equipment! Safety vests, goggles, gloves and a hard hat are just a few examples of what you’d want to wear.
  2. Be Aware When Around the Sanitation Truck. While the sanitation truck is a vehicle, it is also to be considered as a piece of heavy machinery. Notify your team when the truck is moving, backing up, or if they need to be alerted of the tuck’s whereabouts. Proceed with caution when loading up the truck, especially around the hydraulic features.
  3. Handle Hazardous Objects with Caution. Always follow the precautions and guidelines given to you when handling hazardous waste. Be aware of dangers the waste may contain, for example broken glass. Handling waste goes hand-in-hand with your proper personal protective equipment. You want to ensure you have a good pair of gloves on before handling any waste! By doing so you’re securing your safety from hazards as well as decreasing the likelihood of harmful bacteria effecting you.


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